Thanks for Making Time Stand Still!

I would like to express my heartfelt and humble thanks to all the fearless, faithful followers for making Time Stand Still class last Wednesday, July 24th.

This would not have been possible without your commitment.

“Showing up is half the battle.”

In fact, it is the lesson.

Woody Allen said, “Eighty percent of success in life is showing up.”

We had an international group of followers from California, Georgia, Kansas, Massachusetts, Texas, Wisconsin, Argentina, Australia, Dubai, England, Ireland, Italy and Taiwan who showed up to learn the art of Time Stand Still.

The 2-hour lecture stretched to a daunting 3 hours. Wow, how time flies!

Thank you for your patience and fortitude for enduring such a long and intense lecture.

I was impressed by the fact that English is not everyone’s first language to understand terms such as, “the flower and the willow world.”

Time Stand Still was pulled off the menu for a many months to be revised and expanded into a rich lesson that would be the ultimate expression of a Modern Geisha.

Unlike any other lecture, this one requires a high level of commitment of time, energy, resources, plus a dash of fearless faith and confidence if you are new to the Modern Geisha teachings.

Some of you repeated this lesson without knowing what was in store, but you must have known enough to trust me.

Apart from geisha gossip, there has not been much of a course description. Sadly, I feel words do no justice.

It’s something that either draws you in or it doesn’t.

Omakase is a Japanese expression of the word entrust loosely translated as, “Trust the chef,” “Chef’s choice,” or “I’ll leave it up to you.”


It’s a gamble. You don’t know what you will get, but you might be pleasantly surprised and delighted!

As I said in a previous blog, “Time Stand Still is not just a lesson. It’s an experience!”

But even more, it’s an art.

Look at the word geisha itself, which literally means “a woman who lives by art.” She is the personification of her gei.

The essence of Time Stand Still is to be a living, breathing presence of art.

apprentice geisha

The Countdown:
“I am excitedly counting the days until the end of time!” – Kansas

“I am very much looking forward to the class. I have had real problems in long-term relationships in maintaining mystique and my sense of seductive power. My pattern is that all that gets lost in the hum drum of daily reality i.e. keeping a house and doing work/life juggling act. Haven’t succeeded and my relationships have suffered.” –Australia

“I already had half a lesson on this, remember, but I am truly excited!!!!” –Italy

Rave Reviews for Time Stand Still:
“The 3 hours went fast for me! You truly made time stand still. LOL!” – Boston

“Thank you, Kim Evazians. I appreciate all your efforts to present a multi-faceted picture of what is possible for us as we learn to embody what you teach, a truly powerful, generous, beautiful, elegant and gracious femininity. I love everything about the timely lesson!” –Kansas

“Wonderful lesson, Kim Evazians! It was fascinating, enlightening and deeply impactful. Thank you for the hours of preparation I know you put in to prepare that lesson and for sharing your knowledge with us. I understand why Elisa wanted to know the next topic… Because this knowledge is powerful PLUS you are clearly truly addictive! Cannot wait for the audio, I was writing copious notes yesterday evening… My arm and neck were in pain by the end. LOL!” –London

“Wonderful experience, Kim! You definitely put your complete heart and soul into your coaching. I am also very keen for you next lesson. Thank you also for the advice on the books to read.” –Ireland

“Very interesting. Time passed by so quickly… At the beginning I was deadly tired, but at the end I was relaxed and happy.” –Italy

Fast-Acting Results That Speak:
“Did TSS on last night’s date. It worked so good where he said, “Let’s keep in touch and meet up again.” I focused on being Kim’s definition of feminine and watched my non-verbal cues. It’s much better when you’re not left wondering at the end of the date! Your definition of femininity helped transform my essence. It’s not all about your hair, make-up or heels.” – Boston

This is precisely why I created Time Stand Still, to help you become irresistible and maddeningly addicting. Even if you don’t like the guy, it’s huge self-esteem booster for a woman to feel desired, valued and pursued. It’s nice to have the option of having another date right at the end rather than a stale, cold, rejection that so many women out there are experiencing.

A common mistake on first dates is, women think they are being Rulesy when in fact, they are being frigid, boring, uninspiring, disengaged and disinterested.

Remember, geisha are the epitome of femininity and refined sensuality.

Memo from the Modern Geisha Coach:
1. If you attended, audios and notes will be released via DropBox. Date of release TBA.
2. If you signed-up and did not attend, you have credit for future session.
3. If you are interested in Time Stand Still, please be sure to get the Mission CUAO audio before signing up and submit the wait list form. Mission CUAO is a prerequisite course for Time Stand Still.

Mission CUAO:

Time Stand Still Wait List:

Thank you for following with fearless faith!

“Happily married and helping women get to the altar faster!”
Kim Evazians
The Modern Geisha

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The Power of Time Stand Still

Dear Aspiring Modern Geishas,

Congratulations for investing in yourself and your own happiness!

By taking this class, it shows that take your love life seriously and value yourself enough to learn uncommon knowledge, wisdom and Secrets of the Modern Geisha that will help you get to the altar faster.

Time Stand Still is the art of emotional seduction, erotic power, the geisha mystique and how to be “maddeningly addicting” after many years of being happily married, which has been my claim to fame.

We just celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary in Cancun June 19th!

It has been nine years, but to us, it feels like time stood still.

Kim & Raman's 9th Wedding Anniversary in Cancun  June 19th 2013.

Kim & Raman’s 9th wedding anniversary in Cancun June 19th 2013.

Seduction is a powerful tool that must be used responsibly with dignity, integrity and ethics. In the past, I only offered this lesson to private clients who worked with me regular over a period time and after we had established familiarity, mutual respect and trust.

Before I agreed to offer this lesson, I wanted to get to know a woman’s character and what her intentions were for wanting to learn this, because I did not want to groom short-sighted, undignified and narcissistic female versions of Pickup Artists.

Time Stand Still was not openly offered to anyone unless I knew them from a previous consultation, because I did not want these secrets to get into the wrong hands and be misused.

This lesson was intended to enlighten and empower women who are sincere and truly want to find love and marriage.

It was not intended for women who are angry and bitter against men, crazy stalkers, women who are mentally unstable or have a personal vendetta to exploit men.

My lessons are powerful, fast-acting, simple and unusually effective because it triggers the emotions to capture the heart of the alpha male.

I created Mission CUAO as a primer and prerequisite for Time Stand Still to ensure that a woman will have a solid foundation based on building her character first.

The beginning of seduction is the ability to establish trust.

To capitalize on the power of Time Stand Still, you must first have an understanding and respect for fundamental rules, natural laws, principles and mechanisms that govern the roles between men and women.

Discover the feminine power geishas had over men that created a world of romance, beauty, mystery, allure and harmony lasting many years.

Relationships are like tango. Embrace your instinctive femininity by letting him lead while still being in your own power.

It is a delicate balance of trust and cooperation.

Tango lesson with Jose Garofalo in Buenos Aires, Argentina April 2009.

Tango lesson with Jose Garofalo in Buenos Aires, Argentina April 2009.

The power of Time Stand Still will set you apart from all the other women as a Creature Unlike Any Other–the kind of woman an alpha male wants to marry–the best and most desirable!

I am truly on a mission to help women get to the altar faster in the most efficient manner possible and with the least amount of pain and suffering.

Women who have faithfully followed my teachings have reaped their rewards.

In fact, another client just got married last week and I hope to get her testimonial after she returns from their honeymoon!

Prerequisite: If you have not yet taken the Mission CUAO class, I highly recommend that you get the audio at this time. Mission CUAO is a lesson in dignity and how to be a CUAO. It was created to strategically couple with Time Stand Still to ensure your success. Not having this foundation may only delay your success and thwart your intentions of getting to the altar faster. To get the Mission CUAO audio, please submit this link: Mission CUAO.

If you have the audio, please listen to it again a refresher before class.

Requirements for Skype: To avoid mechanical failures that may interrupt our lesson and take away valuable lesson time, please make sure you have the latest version of Skype installed and that all of your devices, webcam and Skype account are updated and fully functioning for optimum connectivity.


Please read details about “Rules & Requirements” for in the blog post: How to Make Time Stand Still.

As the presenter who is operating the group conference call, I will call everyone at one time. It may take a few minutes to fully connect with everyone, as this is a video call among an international group across many time zones.

Please “Keep Calm and Wait” for my call. If several people try to call me on Skype, it will prevent me from calling everyone else. If you email me or send a chat message right before class, I may not be able to respond.

If you are not on Facebook and wish to receive email notifications of new blog posts, please enter your email address in the “Subscribe via Email” section.

Look forward to seeing your lovely faces soon!

“Happily married and helping women get to the altar faster!”
Kim Evazians
The Modern Geisha

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How to Make Time Stand Still

Finally, the time has come!

“How to Make Time Stand Still: The Art of Charming Conversation with Men,” my most famous lesson of all, is now being offered as group class!

For a long time, I kept my secrets within the inner geisha circle of private clients and followers.

This lesson was never openly advertised or promoted publicly, but word quickly spread through “geisha gossip” among the Rules community raving about its powerful simplicity and unusual effectiveness.


Even though this lesson was specifically designed to capture the heart of the alpha male, my clients later discovered that it had powerful, practical and universal applications in the workplace, speaking engagements or any situation where they want to develop trust, rapport and have influence over people.

It was so powerful and effective at helping them be successful at dating that many who have already taken it privately are coming back to take it again as a class!

What was formerly a 1-hour private lesson is now updated, revised and expanded into a 2-hour group class for a reduced price.

Time Stand Still is such a fundamental Modern Geisha skill that I wanted to make it more affordable and accessible to women who struggle with:
1. Getting past Date Zero and beyond.
2. Getting exclusivity and long-term commitment.
3. Getting engaged to being happily married.
4. Getting what they want from difficult bosses or employers.

No matter how pretty or smart you are, 80% of your success in life and relationships depends on your ability to get people to like you and trust you.

There’s a saying, “You never get a second chance at making a good first impression.”

Time Stand Still will help you learn the art of charming conversation, emotional seduction and building rapport.

Learn what traditional geishas did that kept their patrons coming back for 20-30 years, which is longer than many marriages in the West!

Many geishas were swept off by their patrons and married.


Do you know how to capture anyone’s attention and win their trust within the first few seconds of meeting them?

Do you wonder about the secret to creating and maintaining a man’s interest from the first date and after many years of marriage?

If you have difficulty overcoming first dates or if you don’t know how to maintain a long-term committed relationship that will someday have wedding bells, this is the perfect lesson for you.

Learn from someone who is an accomplished teacher—someone who has already succeeded in this and has helped others succeed as well.

Mastering techniques from Time Stand Still is what differentiates a Modern Geisha from the Average Frustrated Woman who repeatedly suffers from a string of broken relationships and is ultimately left with a broken heart.

Band Aid over Heart

Time Stand Still is not just a lesson. It’s an experience!

Things You Should Know:
– Most of my lectures are typically rich and robust, consisting of 90% fundamentals and 10% tactics.
– Unlike other Modern Geisha lessons, Time Stand Still is 80% tactics, techniques and mechanics on emotional seduction and clout; 20% geisha culture, customs, ceremony and conversations skills.
-This class is the equivalent of attending a university lecture and demands your utmost seriousness, dedication, commitment, complete focus and undivided attention.
-Please organize your schedule ahead of time and come prepared to learn without being tired, hungry, sleepy, or distracted. Not only is this class physically and emotionally demanding of the teacher, but demanding of the students as well.

Course Details:
Format: Lecture
Date: Wednesday, July 24th
Times: 3PM – 5PM and 8PM – 10PM U.S. CST
Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $50
Limit: 9 max per class
Due to limited seating, more sessions will be offered in the future based on demand.

1. Lecture
2. Audio
3. Notes
4. Recommended Reading

Rules & Requirements:
1. Must have the latest version of Skype installed.
2. Must have webcam.
3. Must be present and participate to receive the audio.
4. Must be in a quiet, private place (no nail salon or Starbucks)
5. No late admittance.
6. No leaving class early.

Important Note from the Instructor:
1. Due to the tele-genic nature of this lesson, audios will not be available for sale. Time Stand Still is the only class where audios will not be sold individually without live attendance.

2. If you are interested in taking Time Stand Still, it is recommended that you purchase the Mission CUAO audio to have a solid foundation and background. Mission CUAO is the primer for Time Stand Still and one of the basic building blocks to a Modern Geisha’s DNA. It is highly recommend that everyone learn How to Be a Creature Unlike Any Other before attempting to learn the more advance techniques in How to Make Time Stand Still.

Time Stand Still was SOLD OUT within 2 weeks of posting it in the secret geisha community before I had the chance to even write this blog!

However, if you cannot make this session, I do plan on having another session tentatively scheduled for August 21st.

Please send me a Wufoo if you are interested in this awesome course! I will contact you by email when registration opens.

Click here to sign up for the Time Stand Still Wait List:

“Happily married and helping women get to the altar faster!”
Kim Evazians
The Modern Geisha

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